Vintage and Antique Clocks

Roger Lascelles has spent the past 30 years building a collection of vintage and antique clocks that is second to none.

In the premises of the old Wandsworth clock factory Roger maintains a collection of over 1000 clocks, ranging from antique grandfather clocks to huge external turret dials, from Bakerlite mantels to old French enamels.

The inspiration for most of the reproduction clocks is taken from this fascinating collection. Whether it be a pretty motif on a dial or the specially decorated hands. The way in which the numerals have been painted or the bold forming of a metal case. The attention to detail, that is so important to replicate when faithfully reproducing an original, has often been taken from something within the collection.

Roger still frequents antique markets and auction houses all over the world and with the help of a small team of skilled craftsmen, will often enjoy reviving an old electric clock that has seen better days, into a fully functional clock using a modern quartz movement, while maintaining all the charm and character of the original.

Roger’s latest venture is to offer many of these clocks for sale or, for the ones he prefers not to part with, for hire.

So if you are looking to decorate a film set or just want to own a piece of clock history, please visit the site at the link below.