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This water proof, pre-aged and weathered clock is a stunning addition to your interiors, as well as to the outdoors!


  • 70 cm diameter
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Metal construction
  • 1 year warranty
  • Quartz movement
  • Batteries included




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Have been looking for this size and style of clock for a while. Was perfect for what we anted. Initially was disappointed as the clock kept stopping as the minute and hour hand kept getting caught in each other. A little fiddling with tightening the screw and a little bending ensured they miss each other every hour and so far so good. Looks lovely and waterproof also.
Service Rating : An error occurred within the shipping company's transport process, and the package was lost. Unfortunately, this occurred during Lascelles annual summer vacation period, so I had to wait for more than a week until a new clock could be shipped. However, it was dispatched quickly thereafter, and I received it within a few days.
Product : Not as sturdy as I expected, but I'm hoping it will withstand rainy weather conditions.
Service Rating : Ordered a clock but it didn't arrive after 5 days. Courier problem... Spoke to the shop and they arranged for another clock to be sent. There were no arguments., the lady was very helpful. It arrived in 2 days.
Product : Looks lovely. Let's see how long it works for... I'll be back if there are problems...