Radio Controlled Clock Black - 36cm

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A radio controlled clock will ensure you’re never late again. It works by synchronising with a radio transmitter connected to an atomic clock in Anthorn, Cumbria. It will run on its own continuously and check for accuracy at a certain time everyday,which means you’ll never have to prepare for Daylight Saving again; it’ll update automatically.

Works only for UK time zone.


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Beautiful clock as described, looks great in situ.
Service Rating : Fairly quick dispatch and delivery (a couple of days)
Product : Lovely clock! Very faint ticking noise as the second hand goes round incase that's important to you.
Service Rating : No issues with ordering or delivery
Product : The radio controlled clock seems fine, however the instructions relate to another model as the buttons are not labelled the same. We worked it out though and clock seems OK but had to be set manually as the radio signal did not set it. Appears to have adjusted itself since though it took 2 days.
Service Rating : The delivery time was slow
Product : Great looking and we know it will be accurate