Radio Controlled Clock Red - 36cm

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A radio controlled clock will ensure you’re never late again. It works by synchronising with a radio transmitter connected to an atomic clock in Anthorn, Cumbria. It will run on its own continuously and check for accuracy at a certain time everyday,which means you’ll never have to prepare for Daylight Saving again; it’ll update automatically.

Works only for UK time zone.



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It works and looks good!
Service Rating : Well-packaged
Product : Bold, clear clock-face, useful seconds hand. No more worries about it being inaccurate. A lovely addition to the kitchen wall!
Service Rating : Had a problem with clock when delivered, almost certainly a manufacturing problem. Lascelles staff were extremely helpful and courteous and arranged a replacement product to be sent in good time. Excellent customer service.
Product : Went for the radio control wall clock which worked perfectly where a cheaper model would not even pick up the signal. The replacement clock has kept perfect time. Always worth paying that little bit extra for a quality product.
Service Rating : Delivered on time.
Product : I would have preferred the clock face to be WHITE as depicted on all the images I have obtained. Even on its packing case. Maybe it's got a tinted glass?
Service Rating : Very pleased with the quick delivery
Product : looks good and works well