Railway Station Clock - 49cm

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A dial based on an old Scottish Caledonian railway clock from the Victorian era when trains used to run on time! Now available in this large size of 49cm

(Code: GAL/RAIL)

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Service Rating : Super quick delivery which was what made me buy from them. There were other sellers offering the same product a little cheaper, but they were a 4/5 week delivery whereas Roger Lascelle's were able to deliver in 3 days.
Product : Looks perfect and was exactly what my wife wanted.
Service Rating : Poor product finish
Product : On opening the package, I was impressed with the look of the clock, however I noted the minute hand was very loose on it's spindle. Not what you expect of a clock at this price.
Mounted the clock on the wall, 5 minutes to the hour. On reaching the hour the minute hand dropped to 3 minutes past the hour!
Left the clock working, only to find the clock stopped. The minute hand was stuck behind the hour hand.
Do I return the clock with all the hassle, and reclaiming postage, or fix it myself?
Fixed it myself.
Very disappointed.