Railway Station Wall Clock - 36cm

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A dial based on an old Scottish Caledonian railway clock from the Victorian era when trains used to run on time! The modern quartz movement ensures this one will always keep perfect time.

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I had already one of your clock in our bathroom in Milan and I thought they would be fantastic also in the house we just bought in Tuscany
Service Rating : Based on the product we received - I can only assume that all other products are equally poor. Their website puts a lot of gloss on what amounts to a very poor product. On a separate note - their courier delivered the clock with the packaging torn and the box wet. Said courier kindly removed the polythene sheet off my logstore and inserted the package there - due to the torrential rain that day - I now have about one third of my logs soaking wet and very wet package!
Product : Really?? How can anyone put this tat on their wall? It's a piece of utter rubbish. The product is basically a printed bit of card board with a very flimsy clock mechanism at it's centre. No bezel. Nothing. Don't fooled by the name - which suggest an element of distinction and quality. If you want to pay good money for something your children could make for about £3 - then go ahead and buy one. This is the worst product I have bought and I am too ashamed to give this as the gift it was i