Wall Clocks

A home is not complete without a trusted wall clock. Our clock designs ensure there is something for everyone and every room with a wide range of clock colours and clock styles. From old French advertising clocks to solid state school clocks. If you want a pretty floral dial or a bold contemporary dial, we have created a wall clock collection to suit all tastes.    
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Price: £25.00
Price: £29.00
Price: £28.00
Price: £28.00
Classic Mirror Faced Clock - 36cm
Price: £35.00
Price: £31.50
Poppies Wall Clock - 36cm
Price: £31.50
Paris Wall Clock - 36cm
Price: £31.50
Grand Clockmaker - 60cm
Price: £69.00
'Moore' Wall Clock - 36cm
Price: £31.50
'Play' Wall Clock - 36cm
Price: £31.50